bikini contest

i want to wear my body as loosely as possible.
have you summered your fat yet? i have 
a hammock where i remember to be greedy
for feet. remove the inhales i don't need.
bleaching autumn from every hair. 
above the sun is rubber & ready.
i enter each photograph legs first.
feel the stage beneath ask 
what name girls used to call me
when i was just a handful of salt.
nothing prepared me for how much i would want.
cutting out all the hands from a magazine.
thin beautiful fingers. stream rising
from hair as i become a curtain. 
it is easy judge quests of gaze-collection
but i want you to know when i am
the glossy parrot, i laugh whole diamonds. 
when anyone a girl or a boy or a person
extends a finger & i stand on it's length,
i feel all my sundials spin with fire.
hold all the fabric i need 
balled up in my hand. how tight a space
can you corral your everything. our strategies
of revelation. here is where 
my secrets begin. i pose & the crowd  
is a broom closet. they stare
as if this were a brush with a god. 

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