origin room w/o you

we were chickens & then 10 eggs
& then 10 elbows. you, the original 
portal were out buying 
model army man to speckle 
the ceiling. every wall had
a smart mouth speaking about
physics & philosophy. if a egg opens
in the middle of a forest
does the egg ever open? 
an incubator was installed 
where a kitchen is supposed to be.
heat lamps licking my face clean.
you couldn't be bothered. all of us.
i took scissors to
the where-i-came-from. you don't 
have to come from anywhere,
you know? just lie & say
the town is blowing through you.
spending all my money on 
baby names. the machine asks
what i would like to be called 
& i am never sure so i settle
on "leftover." it's fitting.
i'm the part you return to 
out of necessity. delightfult silverware.
i sit in spoons like waiting rooms.
the world is using its egg tooth again
& you are watching sports.
my elbows crack from leaning.
i could have planned a bigger entrance
one with blood & yolk. instead
i took a breath through a straw.
crushing the cardboard dream.
nothing is really recycled anymore 
we are just filling a wound with rubber.
a pit of lobsters where i was promised
bathtubs. i don't know about you
but it's better sometimes to pretend
that didn't happen. what egg?
i arrived just like this with
not a single ribbon behind me.

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