peach pit comet

we looked & saw the galaxy did not have 
all the sugar we were going to need.
what will we do with these limit?
standing on the roof like a chess set
& waiting for the comet. all day 
we made preparations. pots & pots
of caramel as offerings. put on helmets
& silenced our cell phones. afterall 
hasn't god always arrived as a form 
of destruction? i want to know a kind of love
that doesn't require debris. 
crowns of throns grow in the yard.
my brother stacks them on his head while i
i collect the rest for the burn pile. 
i'm told we learned all we know 
from our creator. the burning & the burning.
i talk to the dirt when i need roots.
no one will be martrying me tonight
not even the universe. remember being
a child with infinite pews in my heart.
how i ran them like a maze. how i walked
to the lake at night just to watch
the stars check their reflections.
my divine is jealous. my divine
weeps at headless dandelions. 
she takes a handful of peach pit 
& tosses them to create comets. 
soon the flash will arrive. i tell everyone 
it is going to be a peach tree 
that grows the largest peaches
anyone has ever seen & in the morning
when none of us are left, we will feast
as ghosts on the ripe collision. 

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