meteor carving

my teeth fell out of my face
then down from the sky.
every day is ending at once
like a simultaneous domino extinction.
i pull the blinds shut
& become a hunk of birds
hurtling through space. 
my friends sit & watch 
on the side of a hill. i am
one of them & i am fourteen
& she is a person full of so 
many holes. sometimes the wind
makes a flute of her. a song
is not always a decision.
i have my voice pulled from me
like spring onions from soil. once,
she found a meteor & took
a paring knife to its surface.
carved it into an eye 
just to watch it blink. 
a squirrel sits & eats 
planets while no one is watching.
they are mostly uninhabited.
well, that's no true.
populations are devoured every day.
i am looking. my brain 
is a panopticon for what
will end. i am not paranoid
i am primed for the tower.
lightning falling easily 
as fingernails. on the night
of the showers we prepared
to die. drank milkshakes 
as if our blood could hold
the sugar. a boy throwing rocks
at the road as if it were water.
as if he were the cosmos themselves
in need of regurgitation.
i saw then only through 
the meteor's eye. 
rapid light & a collage 
of dead girls. their bodies 
in rows on roof tops. 
all of them mine. missing earth
by a few seconds. letting out
our breath & hoping maybe for another.

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