glory / glory / hole

salvation was an entrance.
here is where i am not nothing.
i am the appendage & you are
the other side of the lincoln tunnel.
holding my breath. i promise 
not to invent a new devotion
for where your body begins.
finally, a wall meaning freedom
or else a fallen cleaver.
we all want to be castrated
to know what if might feel like
to run around like statues.
i find you here after 
treasure maps spoke my life
into existence. i pictured your hand
pressed to the wall. taking me
& me taking you. i think of
the word "dispenser" & wonder
i have already become post-human.
then, crouching
where i used to in the woods.
a limestone kiln covered in vines.
i would enter & run my fingers
across the cool stone walls.
this is the hallways i meet you in.
your face populates every ceiling.
i look down at us. see the illusion
of the divider. ask for your last name
& address for me to send you
flowers on our anneversary.
to be anonymous is not to be
no one--it is to be everyone.
i am the pleasure you wanted
& you are mine. straining as if
a mouth could open wider. the teeth
like row houses. snake hearts wrapping
around the dark. then a release.
spitting out the sun on
the sidewalk. concrete confessionals.
wondering what it would take
to step through a hole so small.
considering peering through.
my only telescope. but it is
too late. you are gone. 

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