family & friends 

let's go to the quarry & have a tradgedy.
no one wants to set something on fire alone
that's just sad. i take my friend ships
& sail them towards the bermuda triangle.
dangerous is a matter of perspective.
sometimes i realize i look like
a boy in a dress & i realize i am dead.
when i say "family" i want people to know
i mean whoever holds me not whoever's blood
makes up my ocean. once, i bleed so much
the moon herself turned vermillion with me.
let's not mistake lust for love & love
for lust. instead, let's revel in 
the twin geminis of the spilled ink night.
i never wanted to be a locket but then
i met you & we drove your car 
until there were no more strip malls.
i took the bull horn & spoke directly to god
to let him know he was not invited to my wedding.
instead, i invite ants & mosquiots &
rats & rabbits & bears. anything humans
are afraid of. i had no where else to go
so my friends opened their mouths &
i ducked inside. learn to watch reflections
in teeth as televisions. then there is
my mother's cast iron pan. she kneels 
& says, "we can stand here for moment
before it's too hot." why is it always
like this? quickly quickly let's love each other. 

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