weight watcher's snacks 

give me the smallest chocolate fist.
girlhood comes for me 
without licking her lips.
everything turns to numbers 
past the throat but let us pretend
for once that we are animals.
i am the goat & you are the cat.
the door knobs of my eyes open
into the cellar where all
the ice cream lives. a pound of fat
is enough land to start a family.
let's be nuclear in our wanting. 
two by two by two. two pound cakes.
two individually wrapped chocolate chip cookies.
a bee hive grows in the stairwell 
& i sneak tablespoons of honey.
when we are feeling guilty we find 
the frozen vegetables & take turns 
weeping into bowls of green beans.
my grandmother had hands like salad spoons.
we jog in place. i earn my way 
to dessert where women stand 
like pillars of salt. did you know
salt has no calories? did you know
sugar is a silent snow storm?
i put on sneakers & run as far as i can.
whole body throbs. a gas station says,
"here we have weight." i crouch 
on the curb & wish i mother was here
to eat with me. wish i knew anything
about pretzel twisting. plastic comes
to make a ravoili of my heart.
you are safe within this parameter.
i take off my hooves & hang them
above the hearth. we do not talk
of our stomachs. the honey crystalizes
& turns into weddings. i am thinned 
to the width of a knife. 

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