space shuttle breakfast

we ate the shine off soda cans
& took turns spinning the sun. 
stars that swarmed in our heads.
i said i did not want to be 
an expedition but there i was 
one that back of a great jupiter beetle.
everything reflected in my eyes.
you took a spoon to my irises 
to fish out the space junk. 
we laid on our backs. used the moon
as a golf ball & talked about 
our childhood rooves. mine was slanted
& my father would climb up there
to shout at god. when mom wasn't home
i would join him or i would record
the whole thing on a video camera.
have you ever thought about how
the past sits like a burned disc.
the sound of a dream booting up.
we took strolls out to where
news headlines paces as jaguars.
i never believed in god but especially
not after i saw the solar system.
every celestial body in fishnets
or lace. they beckoned & i blushed.
covered my face. ate my freeze-dried
love poems until it would soon be time
to return to orbit. to the grinning grass
& hotel rooms with the last guest's food
still in the mini fridge. 
a gust of wind tosses pollen
from the fists of the trees.
what i miss most about the shuttle
was the weightless way 
we could cry & watch the tears depart
as glass beads. 

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