a study of triangles 

pythagoras took out my teeth
to find the river. he said,
"a child is a measurement."
how happy are your bees? how many
grandparents have you used
as firewood? we take a plane
& cross over the bermuda triangle.
you say, "you know we are going
to grow gills?" that is the last thing
i hear before the plane becomes 
a sea monster. a whale
once beached itself in my bedroom.
i used my end table water glass
to try & pour enough to keep her alive.
she died like a suitecase full of shoes.
i am a catapult keeper. take one
for a walk around the block.
the neighbors warn me that
you need a permit for that.
i do not have a permit. pythagoras
feeds me grapes & tries to get me
to do math. i laugh & tell him,
"there is no such thing as a number."
all the numbers are offended but you know
someone has to tell the truth.
isn't a zero just an emptied egg?
if you've ever blow the yolk out of
an egg through a little hole
you'll know exactly what i mean.
taking a wrong turn & ending up
at the feet of the pyramids. they laugh
because this is all very funny
how an angle can meet another
& name itself. pythagoras shouts
with discvoery, "this is how we are going
to whittle down the moon." 

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