uses for the hexagon 

build the comb in the hive.
break out of the basement
using only the shape,
a spoon, & a casserole dish.
carved into pupil. a puppet 
in a graveyard. burrying 
the dessert plates along with 
finger foods. filling 
your mouth with honey
until no more words
reach through gold. have you ever
tried to tell the most important 
story of your life in metaphors?
i am a liar. i stay up all night
weaving cataracts 
for me & all the selves that will
spill out by morning. i do not want
to be a real boy. i do not want to be
geometrical but here i find myself 
& all my angles. measured & 
measured for precision. tell me,
did your body ask to be a strawberry?
mine begged. begged in a confessional 
the shape of a hexagon. 
eight priests. disciples 
of the gospel of mary. it always 
pulls me back into an altar.
breaking the tomb into bite sized pieces.
any circle can be made into
a home. that is why i cast like this.
one side for every way i've died.
nine lives for any cat. i fall from 
tall buildings. i pluck out my eyes
to roll them as dice. you stand
& watch. i wish i could see 
if you're smiling & if you teeth
are hexagons too. 

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