styrofoam garden

tell me blossom eternity 
while the landfill labors like 
a femme sisyphus. broken nails 
in the fresh soil. a flag worn like a dress.
we go to smell the wrappers 
still sweet with sticky bun. do you know
how long you will take to become air again?
i fly a kite made of only take out boxes.
the angels take turns spitting
in the river. we drink from hampster 
sippers. beautiful little animal. i planted 
this kind of farewell so we would
have a place to meditate & by meditate 
i mean panicking in quiet until
the quiet is so loud it eats your face.
haven't you ever used a foam cup
as a telephone? to my ear. whale song.
rotten teeth. broken-foot birds.
i sew my trash as if i'm going to be here
when the plastic bottle finally sighs
& says, "goodbye goodbye." what is
a garden but a place to come & be betrayed.
snakes twist around our ankles 
& i am always careful not to step on them. 
i am not mary or holy woman. i am 
a demon working trash bag of genders.
the trees bear cups of coffee. piping hot
only in may before the first 
terror-filled thunder storm. cracked knuckles.
the glamorous gods. won't you come 
& starve on endings with me? i don't want
to miss a moment of this our decomposition. 

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