22 love poems

we will see if i get there.
this is not a promise. 
know that i do love you enough 
to teach ground hogs to talk. 

you face is a lunch tray 
where i come to eat
with my fingers. 
do me now, i lay on my back.
let you feast off my shoulders. 

the numbers are talking
to one another & saying
we are fated to fall in love
& burn down the museum.

do you remember that weekend when
all the stores were closed & we 
couldn't find anywhere to 
call our masoleum.

i thought we were tails
of the same rope.

a love poem is like a shoe box.
you can use it to burry a dead chicken
or you can use it to fill with jewerly 
you used to wear.

i promise you there is more than enough
for 22 but at the end of the day
we all have limits. my tongue is often
busy being a salamander.

there might never be a time
i can tell you how many planets 
i have hunted for you. killed.
devoured. milked. instead,
i kiss the back of your hand
until it becomes a mailbox.

let's get ice cream to watch
the show. angels sewing new trees.
god in his boxers scratching his stomach.

everyone means something different
when they say they don't have a father.

close but not close enough.

i sometimes play dominos 
with the dead. i'll lay the pieces 
across my chest & wait for them to come.

love is only fun if it's destroying something.
if it's tearing the family apart. 
juliet swallowed a sword & said,
"i am divine."

it's not quite there, i know
but as with all things amorous
it will have to be enough or else
in my mind i will build a cathedral
to it. i will say what we had 
could turn the sun to stone. 

you write your name 
on the roof of my mouth.
i am a beech tree. i am a bed sheet. 
i am a salamander. a lunch tray.
fork, pen, & spoon. 

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