over-sized load

i want to travel with a warning label.
trailed by smaller cautions. we drove
all the way to the ocean & fed our door knobs
to the god of the water. i could have been
so much larger. a skyscraper or a red wood.
i could have had fingers the length
of dinner plates. i could have had 
an echo reaching past the moon. laying 
on my back & becoming delivered. no one told me
the arriving would be do hefy. a flag 
protruding from my back. a bag of feathers
on the nightstand. no more assembly for me.
i just want to pick up the whole world
& lift it with me. my volume is less
than you would expect at the first sip.
he was a good enough man. not great 
or wise but he had a way of bending over
like a saint. everything is religious 
until it's too late. the highway crawls.
i wear the sides of the road like gills.
pollution is all the rage. i close my eyes.
bathe in daylight then drench in dark.
where are you taking me, my barbed wire love? 
the final yard is a dream of silence.
no more street lights or timers. 
just the whoosh of a passing cargo. 
how would you like to be taped shut?
who is the currier & who is the carried
in your relationship? i lose a door
on the side of the road. deers knock at it
all year until, in the dead of night,
it opens to somewhere only they can see.
wildlife is seldom as green as this. 
the cabinets buzz with guilt. here i come. 

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